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Digital Northern Data
MPSS smallRNA Data
Sequence Information Orthologs in Plants
MSU V7 Model: LOC_Os12g21700.1 Brachypodium distachyon: Bradi4g08050.1;Bradi4g08050.3;Bradi4g08050.4
MSU V7 Locus: LOC_Os12g21700 Panicum virgatum:
Family: C3H Sorghum bicolor:
Chromosome: Chr12 Zea mays:
5' End: 12202953 Arabidopsis thaliana: AT3G02830.1;AT5G16540.1;AT5G16540.3
3' End: 12195256 Cucumis sativus: Cucsa.336220.1;Cucsa.336220.2;Cucsa.336220.3;Cucsa.336220.4;Cucsa.336220.5
Alternative Splice Products: Glycine max: Glyma09g38650.1;Glyma10g31370.1;Glyma18g47660.1;Glyma20g36140.1
Putative Function: zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type family protein, expressed Medicago truncatula: Medtr7g089530.1
RAP2 Locus: Os12g0405100 Mimulus guttatus: mgf007299m
RAP3 Locus: Os12g0405100 Populus trichocarpa: POPTR_0013s08490.1;POPTR_0019s08030.1;POPTR_0019s08030.2
Ricinus communis: 30128.m009030
Vitis vinifera: GSVIVP00025101001
Sequence Quality Mutant Information
TE-related: NIAS Tos17 FST:
EST/cDNA: fl_cDNA NIAS Tos17 KO Line:
PASA Status: PASA_validated OTL Tos17 FST:
Topology OTL Tos17 KO Line:
Transmembrane Domain (TM): 0 UCD Ds FST:
N-terminal Signal Peptide (SignalP): UCD Ds KO Line:
Chloroplast Transit Peptide (ChloroP): OTL T-DNA FST:
Predicted Subcellular Localization: Any other location OTL T-DNA KO Line:
RMD T-DNA FST: 04Z11AX12-2;04Z11AX12-3
RMD T-DNA KO Line: 04Z11AX12-2;04Z11AX12-3
TRIM T-DNA KO Line: M0064233
Postech T-DNA FST: A15375
Postech T-DNA KO Line: 3A-07047