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These two figures represent the rice kinase interaction maps. They are composed of data generated from high throughput yeast two hybrid, and in vivo nTAP affinity pulldowns screens using rice kinases. We used Cytoscape software to generate maps of the nTAP and Y2H interacting protein pairs. Kinases used as "baits" are squares, and colored yellow. The interactors identified by these baits are represented as blue circles. Clicking on a node (protein) will link to the TIGR data base so that viewers can see detailed information on each component in the complex. Detailed analysis of each of the kinase baits and its interactors can be accessed using the tree viewer and selecting the Yeast Two-hybrid Bait or Tandem Affinity Purification-tagged Bait icon. This will show Locus IDs of kinases that have interactors. Clicking on the Locus ID will show you the interactors and annotation.

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Yeast Two Hybrid Map

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TAPtag Map

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2) Rohila JS, Chen M, Chen S, Chen J, Cerny R, Dardick C, Canlas P, Fuji H, Gribskov M, Kanrar S, Knoflicek L. Stevenson B, Xie M, Xu X,Zheng X, Zhu J-K, Ronald P and Fromm ME. 2008. Protein-Protein Interactions of TAP-Tagged Protein Kinases in Rice. Under Revision for Molecular and Cellular Biology.

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