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Determination of gene function is particularly problematic when studying large gene families because redundancy limits the ability to experimentally assess the contributions of individual genes. Phylogenomics is a phylogenetic approach used in comparative genomics to predict the biological functions of members of a large gene families by assessing the similarity among gene products. Recently, we reported the development of phylogenomics databases for 1,508 rice kinases (Rice Kinase Database, RKD) and 769 glycosyltransferases ( Rice Glycosyltransferase Database, RGTD) (Dardick et al, 2007 Plant Physiology; Cao et al., 2008 Molecular plant; Cao et al, Bioenergy Research, in press). We have also constructed the following databases:

Rice GH Database

Rice Transporter Database

Rice TF Database

The latter three databases are protected for only internal use now. If you want to access them, please try to contact Peijian Cao to request an account via PeijianCao at gmail dot com.

This work was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Joint BioEnergy Institute.

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